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Eagle Telephonics, Inc. develops and deploys carrier class communication infrastructure equipment for public switched telephone networks, Internet ISP/ASP applications, campus environments, and "Smart Facilities". Customers include local telephone companies, CLEC operators, developers, facility owners, and Internet providers. Eagle products are ideally suited for communication projects in emerging countries. They are designed and tested to operate under adverse conditions without the need for highly trained experts. Eagle's products have been installed in over 28 countries.

Eagle's unique combination of technologies provides extraordinary performance, flexibility and reliability. Efficient, low cost proprietary Eagle systems are integrated into systems of worldwide communication leaders. Eagle provides a fast, economical deployment. Our technology is simple to install and easy use and maintain. It is flexible, enabling the expansion of the infrastructure to accommodate growth. Highly integrated innovative design and redundancy assures long-term trouble free operation. Eagle's product offerings include:

Eagle DSCO:
The Eagle DSCO is a microprocessor driven central office for distributed switched voice applications. It serves as an end, tandem, or national/international gateway central office. It is fully featured, redundant, environmentally friendly, easy to expand and maintain, and economical.

Eagle AirLink 8000:
The Eagle AirLink 8000 is an advanced S-CDMA (Synchronous-CDMA) wireless communication system for voice and data and provides exceptional range and clarity.

Eagle/Quad Server/Host:
The Eagle/Quad is a state-of-the-art Internet/Intranet communication, processing and storage system. It combines communication, processing, streaming video, and mass storage in a carrier class system that integrates with the Eagle DSCO making it the most advanced combination of switched voice and Internet technology in the world.

Eagle Satellite Network Interface:
The Eagle Satellite Network Interface can be used to provide public or private domestic and/or international long distance voice services, connectivity to the Internet backbone, or as a wide area network linking distant facilities.

The Eagle Real-Time Billing System:
A proprietary (patented) internal Real-Time Billing System (RTBS) is built in to the Eagle DSCO End Office and Tandem switches (and will be integrated into the IP-DSCO). Eagle's RTBS provides system operators with important benefits found in no other end office or tandem switches. Accounts Receivable losses are substantially reduced or eliminated, cash flow timing is improved, and control of facilities is enhanced. Eagle's RTBS charges subscribers for communication services in real time, as the charges occur.

Based on policies established by the system operator, Eagle's RTBS allows, limits, or denies specified services on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. Subscriber service limitations can be based on:

  • Prepayment for service
  • A deposit which guarantees subscriber charges
  • A predetermined credit limit
  • A combination of the above

Once the appropriate tariffs are loaded and the parameters are set for each subscriber, Eagle's RTBS operates automatically, without system operator action other than posting of payments received, updating tariff changes, and entering any changes to subscriber accounts.

Eagle Network Management, Billing System, and Customer Care:
Eagle offers to its client base a fully integrated and fully automated computer software package that enables service operates to easily administer the full range of Eagle products and services to their customer base. All of the software packages are designed to work seamlessly with each other thereby allowing the service operator to take advantage of a centrally located computer facility that monitors, collects, and programs the Eagle equipped infrastructure. Eagle also offers customized software packages to solve all of its clients diverse requirements. Eagle has long-term strategic relationships with both a US based software integrator/ISP/ASP and a Bangalore India based software development company to assure customers of the integration of current software systems and economical customization where required.

Recognizing the convergence of switched voice and IP applications early, Eagle began developing a proprietary new class of switching technology that will be introduced to the market mid 2001. Eagle's new IP-DSCO will bridge the requirements of PSTN POTS, the Internet, and the Next Generation Access Networks. The Eagle IP- DSCO will be the first field proven Class 5 end office subscriber switch to interconnect legacy networks (PSTN) and the Next Gen networks because both capabilities will be built into a single unit.

The IP-DSCO will save the service provider significant infrastructure costs and will be much faster and easier to install/maintain/support. The Eagle IP- DSCO will be connected to the network in a totally new way. It will be the first end office to serve subscribers with both telephony and data - and, at the same time provide the entire fabric of the Next Gen access network in emerging and industrial countries. It combines proven end office capability with a 100BT portal that supports such protocols as SIP, MGCP, and advanced H323. This drives the power of packetized switching directly down to the end office level thereby effectively eliminating the huge infrastructure cost of tandem switching commonly used with circuit switched network designs. In summary, the Eagle DSCO / IP-DSCO will: 1. Free large, medium and small service providers from legacy network infrastructure; 2. Provide emerging nations with leapfrog telecommunication technology that represents a considerable reduction in the initial cost, operation, and maintenance of network infrastructure 3. Create a cost efficient, universal, fully integrated link between legacy networks and NextGen access networks.

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